About Us

Welcome to the Holmberg Hunting Hole: Your Ultimate White-Tail Trophy Deer Adventure in South Alabama

The Holmberg Hunting Hole is a charming, family-owned and operated hunting haven nestled in the heart of South Alabama, spanning approximately 750 pristine acres. For generations, our family has lovingly managed this land since its acquisition in 1940. Our property boasts three cozy homes, a tranquil 7-acre pond, a multitude of strategically placed tree stands, and meticulously tended small food plots that are replanted each year. Amidst the landscape, you’ll discover rolling hills adorned with captivating woodlands, meandering creek beds, and a wealth of other natural wonders. In an exciting first for us, the upcoming 2023-24 season marks the inaugural year we’re extending a warm invitation to outside enthusiasts to join us in this well-guarded sanctuary, where white-tail trophy deer abound.

We are

We are a family-driven hunting destination, steeped in heritage, offering an exclusive and immersive experience on our cherished 750-acre property.


Our values are rooted in respect for nature, sustainable practices, and creating lasting memories for our guests, all while preserving the integrity of this pristine land.

The Goals

Our goals are simple yet profound: To share our love for the outdoors, provide exceptional hunting opportunities, and ensure that each visitor departs with unforgettable moments and a deeper connection to the natural world.

Chase Deer
"At Holmberg Hunting Hole, our family's legacy is your extraordinary hunting experience. For over eight decades, we've nurtured this pristine landscape, and now we invite you to become a part of its story—a place where tradition meets adventure, and the pursuit of nature's finest thrills awaits."